Hi there,

TRAI has introduced the DLT system for Registration of TeleMarketer in order to eliminate Spam and Fraud.


TeleMarketing Registration Process for White-Label Resellers:

1. Sign up here with these Telecom Operators:
Videocon (https://pingconnect.in/telemarketer/login) (Charging Rs 5000, but are fast and hassle free) (NO need to pay Rs 50000 as security- click OK on Rs 50000 popup).

Idea-Vodafone- (https://www.vilpower.in/signup/) (Free till 3rd Feb, but registrations are getting delayed)
2. Share the KYC details and other documents like PAN, GST, Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, Authorization Letter, etc.

2. Post form submission, verification of Mobile Number (via OTP) and Email Id (via Email) will be done.

3. Post verification, kindly fill this form- https://sokt.io/forms/B4Si.html, so that we will help you with faster approval.

4. Once approved, you will get a Telemarketing ID and Login Credentials on the Registered Email.

Once you get the TeleMarketing ID, you can ask the Entities/Company/User under you to Register here (Free of cost till 3rd Feb): https://pingconnect.in/entity/register-with

Please find the necessary docs:
1. User Manual for TeleMarketing Registration on Videocon (for you)- http://9m.io/4BQQ
2. User Manual for Entity/Company Registration for your clients on Videocon- http://9m.io/4BrW
3. Sample Authorization Letter (for both)- http://9m.io/4BSU

Notes: Every White-Label Reseller under you needs to register as TeleMarketer.

Source :  https://main.trai.gov.in/sites/default/files/RegulationUcc19072018.pdf